We welcome you to the Colton Inn where we provide a warm and welcoming experience for all of our guests.

Policies that are in effect concerning your stay:

All rates are based on double occupancy as in 2 adults. (2 children under 18 are also free of charge in the room). Each additional adult guest will be assessed a $20.00 per person per night charge. Maximum amount of people allowed in the room is 4, regardless of age.

  • Rollaway/cribs are available upon request prior to arrival at $20.00 charge per night and requests need to be made no less then 24 hours prior to arrival

  • Parking is free and based on first come basis. We allow 1 car per room and it must be registered with the front desk.


THE WHOLE PROPERTY IS NON SMOKING. Smoking any type of substance is prohibited everywhere. Vaping is not allowed anywhere. That includes our rooms, balconies, deck, hallways and parking lot. We charge 250 dollars when smoking any type of substance or vaping is observed in any of these areas or the smell lingering in any of our rooms after check out, fee of 250 dollars will be applied plus the rate of the amount nights we are unable to rent the room due to smell of vape/smoke

  • We do not allow animals other than ADA defined Service animals. The fee for bringing in an animal that isn't a ADA defined Service Animal will result in a $250 pet fee.

  • Bicycles and canoes are not allowed in any of our rooms, if ignored, storage fee will be automatic $ 200.00

  • If you like to purchase a towel: $15 per face towel, $25 per hand towel, $75 per bath towel, missing towels will be billed accordingly

  • If you like to purchase a robe from Spa rooms: $75 per robe, missing robes will be billed accordingly

  • Spa Rooms have maximum capacity of 2 adults over 21. Please do not add any soaps, oils, bubble bath or shower gel to spa as this will result in $250.00 for replacement of filter and cleaning fee

  • There is a fee for missing linens/blankets or are damaged/soiled beyond repair up to $125.00 per item

  • Check out is strictly at 12.00pm. Guest is being billed $75 every 15 minutes as incidental on your folio until you check out at the front desk.

  • There is a fee up to $500.00 for rooms that are left in an excessively dirty state

  • Our office hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, 7 days a week.

  • Guests are asked to respect our Quiet Hours between 10.00pm - 7.00am

  • Any type of refund will incur a $50.00 transaction fee

  • Any guests who have to be compensated due to a disturbance from other guests will be done so at the expense of the guest who caused the disturbance

  • We do not except debit cards

Noncompliance of any of the above might result in forfeit of your stay
Colton Inn is not responsible for any lost/stolen/missing/damaged items on our property

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Enjoy your stay :)

Ellen Reinerink, GM Colton Inn



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