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Additional Policies:

  • Carpet: If we find stains that need to be cleaned after you have checked out, we charge $75 carpet cleaning fee, we document everything with photos, time stamped after check out

  • Refunds: Any type of  refund carries a one time $35 transaction fee, except special events such as Car Week, the amount is $250

  • Quiet Hours: Guests are asked to respect our quiet hours so that all our guests can enjoy a good night sleep. Our quiet hours are from 10.00pm till 7.00am

  • All Debit cards are accepted for payment of the room but subject to be authorized in the amount of $150 for incidentals on top of the room rate or provide a valid credit card for incidentals without hold. We do not accept money/gift/travel cards for payment that do not show the guest’s name on it.

  • There is a cleaning fee up to $500.00 for rooms that are left in excessive soiled state. We document after check out with date stamped photo’s.

  • Soiled/stained and/or missing sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, pillow covers and any type of furniture items in the room are being charged at replacement cost. We document everything with date stamped photos

  • Non compliance of any of the above mentioned policies can result in forfeit of your stay

  • Colton Inn is not responsible for missing articles or damaged property, accidents, injuries, theft or loss.

  • By signing our sign in sheet upon check in, you agree to all policies set forth by the hotel.

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