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  • What are the rates based upon?
    Rates are based upon single or double occupancy. In our rooms with 2 queen beds 2 adults and 2 people up to 15 years old are included in the rate. A 3rd person 16 or older is $20 per night and a 4th person of 16 or over is an additonal $20 per night, per room.
  • How many people are allowed to stay in a room?
    Local fire codes set the number of people who are allowed in 1 room. Our rooms with 1 King Bed are allowed a max occupancy of 2 people. Our rooms with 2 Queen Beds are allowed to have no more than 4 people in a room, regardless of age.
  • Does the Colton Inn offer Free Parking?
    Parking is free and based on first come first serve basis. We allow 1 car per room and it must be registered with the front desk and Parking Pass shown on the dashboard.
  • Is smoking permitted at the hotel?
    Smoking any type of substance (including vaping/marijuana) is prohibited everywhere on our private property, that includes our rooms, balconies, deck, hallways and parking lot. We will charge up to $250 when smoking any type of substance or vaping is observed in any of these areas. If there is smoke/vape smell lingering in any of our rooms after check out that prevents us from renting the room to other guests, a fee of up to $ 250 dollars will be applied.
  • Do you allow pets?
    We do not allow animals other than ADA defined Service animals. The fee for bringing in an animal that isn’t ADA defined Service Animal will result in a $150 cleaning fee. Please make sure your dog is defined as an ADA animal. You can find the information here
  • Can I bring my Bike/Canoe into my room?
    Bicycles and canoes are not allowed in any of our rooms, if ignored, storage/cleaning fee will be automatic $150.
  • Are the face/hand/bath towels complimentary?
    They are complimentary to use during your stay. If you would like to purchase a towel: $15 per face towel, $25 per hand towel, $45 per bath towel. Missing towels will be billed accordingly. That also is the case for missing/soiled sheets/blankets/pillows/comforters with a charge up to $125 per item. In case items cannot be cleaned by washing it in our commercial washing machine, we charge for replacement of the item(s). We document/take date stamped photos after check out when this occurs.
  • I left something in the room after check out, how do we get it back?"
    We log items that were left behind in the room after check out and hold items for 30 days. After 30 days they will be discarded.
  • Do you offer late check out?
    Unfortunately we do not offer late check out. We have a generous check out time of 12 noon which gives everybody more time than most hotels offer. The rooms to be cleaned by 4pm to welcome the guests that would like to check in per our stated check in time. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Do your offer early check in?
    Yes, we understand that sometimes there is an occasion that you need to be able to check in before our check in time. We offer early check in guaranteed at 1pm for a one time charge of $35 added to your stay. We will need to receive the request for early check in up to 24 hours before your arrival date so that we can prioritize this check in for you.
  • What is your check in and check out time?
    Our check in time is any time after 4pm. If you do not need early check in (see above) and you have arrived early, you are welcome to park your car on our lot and go for a stroll downtown or enjoy lunch until check in time comes around. Our check out time is strict at 12 noon. It would be great to offer our guests an extra hour to check out; however, we need the time to get our rooms ready for the next guests. We appreciate your understanding.
  • What do Incidentals mean?
    The reason we ask you for a valid credit card upon check in is not only for payment of the room. Sometimes a room is pre-paid such as 3rd party booking websites but we still will ask you for your credit card in case unforeseen charges arise and we can charge the card on file. Example are: Having more people in the room than the reservation was made for, an additional log for the fireplace, excessive use of the room that results in extra cleaning fee such as stains on the carpet or on the walls, damage to our furniture/lighting fixtures, bringing in a dog that is not declared at check in time and/or not defined as an ADA service animal, smoke/vaping damage. Or in case where we have to discount a guest’s room charge because of a disturbance after hours, we do that at the expense of the guest who caused such disturbance.
  • Do you offer room blocks for weddings?
    Yes, we welcome wedding groups. You may request a room block by emailing the General Manager at with the desired dates/rooms. We do not allow stag or bachelorette parties anywhere on our propery and rooms cannot exceed the maximum number of people in the room per fire code which is 2 in a king room and 4 in a room with 2 queen beds. We understand the joyous occasion but ask that you respect our other guests that stay at our property.
  • Can we purchase and use our own firewood in our room with a fireplace?
    No. We only allow Duraflame logs that are purchased to be used in our fireplaces. Please do not use firewood or any other type that is not purchased though the hotel. Ignoring this policy will result in an additional cleaning fee of $100. You receive 1 log per day included in your rate when you made your reservation through our website or called in your reservation directly through the hotel. If you would like an additional log, you can purchase one for $5 each at the front desk.
  • We are in a room with a fireplace but there is no log in it?
    If you made your reservation through a or Expedia affiliated website, you have made a reservation for a standard room with 1 King or 2 Queen beds. If you have been assigned a room with a fireplace there will be no log in it. If you would like to enjoy the fireplace, you are welcome to add use of the fireplace including a log for $15 per night. An additional log for the same day will be $5 per log thereafter.
  • Can we use the common deck area?
    You are welcome to use the common deck where the bbq is located. The hours are 7am to 8.30pm. We ask everybody that uses the deck during those hours to be considerate to other guests.

Additional Policies:

  • Carpet: If we find stains that need to be cleaned after you have checked out, we charge $75 carpet cleaning fee, we document everything with photos, time stamped after check out

  • Refunds: Any type of  refund carries a one time $35 transaction fee, except special events such as Car Week, the amount is $250

  • Quiet Hours: Guests are asked to respect our quiet hours so that all our guests can enjoy a good night sleep. Our quiet hours are from 10.00pm till 7.00am

  • All Debit cards are accepted for payment of the room but subject to be authorized in the amount of $150 for incidentals on top of the room rate or provide a valid credit card for incidentals without hold. We do not accept money/gift/travel cards for payment that do not show the guest’s name on it.

  • There is a cleaning fee up to $500.00 for rooms that are left in excessive soiled state. We document after check out with date stamped photo’s.

  • Soiled/stained and/or missing sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, pillow covers and any type of furniture items in the room are being charged at replacement cost. We document everything with date stamped photos

  • Non compliance of any of the above mentioned policies can result in forfeit of your stay

  • Colton Inn is not responsible for missing articles or damaged property, accidents, injuries, theft or loss.

  • By signing our sign in sheet upon check in, you agree to all policies set forth by the hotel.

**policies are subject to change at any time**

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